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Legacy Wealth Show

May 16, 2019

Attorney Fadi Boumitri tried his hand at everything in SFR investing. That changed with his 1st MF deal - 8 units, < $30k + $50k in rehab.

Year 1, he netted $27k, a whopping 33% ROI.

He took action. As you’ll learn, benefits beat liability. Rewards come from smart, mitigated risk.

You’ll also learn to tap your Inner...

May 16, 2019

Chris Litzler knows capital markets. In ‘18, he did $1 billion+ in commercial financing. ‘19 isn’t slowing.

In this episode, get tactics for high-value commercial financing. From when to (or not) work with banks or community lenders, to knowing what funders seek to confirm deals, we dig in so you get what’s what...

May 16, 2019

Mark Evans had a goal. Earn $100k.

The problem? A small town & no “education”.

He knew some investors making money. So, he invested in a 3-day seminar & BAM!

With no money or credit, he got busy, using owner financing for funding. He didn’t always win, but he never quit.

Today, Mark’s one of the top real estate...

May 13, 2019

Money’s great. Wealth is better… But Legacy Wealth is where it’s REALLY at!

Legacy Wealth Show host Tim Bratz is on a mission to make a million people financially free, and this is just one way he’s doing it.

Join him (who’s Commercial Empire of multi-family assets exceeds $200 million and 2000 units in 1 <48...